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Dobie Personal Therapy

Bike Fitting

A professional bike-fit is key to preventing injuries and maximizing performance on the bike

Get a fit from the knowledge of a Physical Therapist with experience in elite-level cycling

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Bike Fitting with the RETÜL System

​The RETÜL Motion Capture system is a real-time, bike-specific fitting technology developed by Specialized Bikes. Using infrared cameras, the system analyzes riders movement and collects information in regards to joint angles, pedal stroke efficiency and body alignment. This provides the most accurate data possible in real time, which in turn allows the fitter to see the results of position changes both quickly and accurately. 


This dynamic fitting system is significantly more precise than a stationary, eye-ball or 2D fit. A proper fit ensures maximum power output and efficiency on the bike while improving comfort. A proper bike fit is essential to prevent common injuries to the low back, shoulder, hips and knees. 


RETÜL appointments typically take 2 hours.

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Fitting Services

All bike fits begin with a physiotherapy assessment. Starting with your personal and physical history, as well as future goals. Next, we assess your body's biomechanics off of the bike to better understand how you move. The last step is the Retul Bike Fit where we adjust each part of your bike in sequence to find your ideal positioning. After fitting is complete, a report is provided and exercise homework is often prescribed to work on deficiencies found.


  • $410.00 - RETÜL Fit at Accel Health (downtown Vancouver)*​​​

  • $175-$205.00 - Follow up*


Contact Aaron Dobie to book a fit**


*May be covered by extended health care plans. Direct billing available.

     Contact your policy provider for details of maximum coverage per 2hr appointment

**Please do not self-book using Jane App as there is variability in appointment types/times based on fit needs

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