Dobie Personal Therapy


6 years of experience working with various clientele such as World Cup mountain bike racers, Ironman Triathletes, weight-loss customers and other Vancouverites. Training focuses include rehabilitation, functional movement and strength and conditioning.


" I was referred to Aaron through a friend as I needed help improving my fitness while addressing my back and knee issues. I was immediately impressed as Aaron's sessions helped decrease my aches and pains as well as improve the rest of my body strength and endurance. After 4 months, I have less pain, am more fit and understand how to move better in my daily life. "

Susan Dorwart, Executive Assistant

Sonya Durante, Consumer Marketing

" I've been working with Aaron for four years and have seen amazing results during that time. Aaron designs a varied and challenging workout regime with each session, and places a high emphasis on correct form and technique. His motivation and enthusiasm is the driving force that helps achieve my fitness goals. It was Aaron who encouraged me to run a half marathon and ran alongside me to finish the race. I would highly recommend Aaron as a therapist. "

" My experience with Aaron as both a trainer and team mate has shown me his dedication and passion not only for sport but also in life and his career. He creates monthly mountain bike specific programs which give me direction while in the gym to make sure I am at my best come race season. Aaron pushes himself and the people he trains, and is always available to help out no matter the situation. Aaron commits himself to his work, and devotes time and effort into each individual he works with. "

Nic Rogers, Professional Downhill Mountain Bike Racer