Aaron Dobie

"Relentlessly making people move

 and feel better"

Aaron Dobie was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He stayed close to home throughout his bachelor's and master's degrees because he couldn't find a better place to fulfill his passion for the outdoors. He grew up playing all sports and cemented his love for bikes at the age of 14. He started racing mountain bikes when he was 16, advanced through the various divisions, entered the pro/elite field at 19 and is now part of a multi-sponsored national team. 

Aaron's commitment to fitness and health promotion began during his undergraduate degree, particularly when he started personal training. Not satisfied with his ability to rehabilitate client's injuries, he entered the Physical Therapy program at UBC in 2014. His goal was to be able to treat client's injuries and increase their fitness at the same time, thus combining his Physiotherapy and Personal Training skills. Aaron's practice focuses mainly on manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education. He most recently completed certifications in Acupuncture/Dry Needling (CAFCI) and Bike Fitting (Specialized/Retul) as he thought these were quite valuable tools for his toolkit.

Aaron has experience working with the UBC Men's Varsity Rugby team and various cycling teams. For the 2020 season, Aaron will be travelling on the UCI World Cup downhill mountain bike circuit as the Physiotherapist for the Giant Factory Off-Road Cycling Team.