Dobie Personal Therapy


Got an injury? Let's fix it!
Not injured? Let's keep it that way!

Pre-habilitation and Re-habilitation are equally as important. The skills of a Physical Therapist combined with an experienced training coach will help you reach your potential, fix your nagging aches, correct your movement and get you fit to play at your best. 



The skills of a Physiotherapist are essential to correctly assess and diagnose your musculoskeletal or neurological impairment. The treatment will help decrease your pain and improve your function. 


An initial assessment includes understanding your personal and physical history and the limitations of your injury in a holistic way. Range of motion and strength are measured and special tests are performed to rule in or rule out a possible trigger. Treatments include manual therapy, such as joint mobilizations or soft tissue techniques, as well as exercise therapy in the session and at home. Various options such as athletic taping and acupuncture or dry needling are often used throughout the healing process.

Physiotherapy is an active treatment where the therapist often gives client the tools to heal. It is then up to the client to use them to their best potential.

Initial Assessment (60min): $130

Follow-up appointment (30min): $90

      *May be covered by extended health care plans

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Personal Training

Strength and Conditioning

Whether you are new to exercise or getting back into it, individualized exercise sessions are the best way to keep you accountable to achieve your personal goals.

After an initial assessment, a periodized program will be followed to sculpt your body, build muscle, improve cardio, lose weight and/or relieve stress. The education of a Physical Therapist ensures that your medical history is incorporated into the program to keep you safe.

Every day more research proves how exercise is the answer to a healthy physical and psychosocial life. Exercise is medicine!

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Sport Specific Performance Consulting

Sport specific cross-training is essential to finding success at any level of competition today. 

Private sessions will be customized to challenge your athletic profile and turn your weaknesses into strengths. A fitness and functional movement assessment will highlight areas of needed improvement and functional limitations. Training is event-focused with the long term goal being a desired result in competition. A sub 2 hour half marathon, completion of your first triathlon or reaching the podium at Crankworx are examples. Once a goal is achieved, we reassess and go bigger.


Online coaching is available for athletes looking for guidance while training on their own. After an initial assessment, monthly programs are crafted for each client's sport with specific exercises, reps/sets and intensities. Fitness tracking and tele-coaching is also provided. Periodic check-in sessions are important to ensure that an athelete is on-track with the long-term goals of the fitness program.


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