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Physical Prep/Strength & Conditioning

Physical Preparation
Strength and Conditioning

Whether you are new to strength training or looking to perfect it, individualized exercise sessions are the best way to keep you accountable to achieve your personal goals.

After an initial assessment, a periodized program will be followed to build muscle, improve conditioning, lose weight and improve performance in the activities you love. The education of a Physical Therapist ensures that your medical history is incorporated into the program to keep you safe.

Every day more research proves how exercise is the answer to a healthy physical and psychosocial life. Exercise is medicine!


Initial Assessment (60min): $175

Follow-up appointment (60min) w/ program: $175

      *Rates as of 02/01/2024. Covered by extended health care plans. Direct billing available.

Book an Appointment with Aaron Dobie in the strength gym at Accel Health in downtown Vancouver.

                                            First time? Book an initial assessment.

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