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Sport Specific Performance Consulting

Sport Specific Performance Consulting

Sport specific cross-training is essential to finding success at any level of competition today. 

Private sessions will be customized to challenge your athletic profile and turn your weaknesses into strengths. A fitness and functional movement assessment will highlight areas of needed improvement and functional limitations. Training is event-focused with the long term goal being a desired result in competition. A sub 2 hour half marathon, completion of your first triathlon or reaching the podium at Crankworx are examples. Once a goal is achieved, we reassess and go bigger.


Online/remote coaching is available for athletes looking for guidance while training on their own. After an initial assessment, monthly programs are crafted for each client's sport with specific exercises, reps/sets and intensities. Fitness tracking and remote coaching is also provided. Periodic check-in sessions are important to ensure that an athlete is on-track with the long-term goals of the fitness program.


Initial Assessment (60min): $175

Follow-up appointment (60min) w/ program: $175

      *Rates as of 02/01/2024. Covered by extended health care plans. Direct Billing available.

Remote rates vary depending if program includes an appointment

      *Covered by extended health care plans. Direct Billing available.

Contact Aaron Dobie for more details

Book an in-person appointment with Aaron Dobie at Accel Health in downtown Vancouver

                       First time? Book an initial assessment.

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