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Longevity & Healthy Aging

Longevity & Healthy Aging

You can't slow down time but you can slow down your aging process and even improve your function. Research has proven consistently that individuals that are stronger tend to live independently for longer. These same people are more physically active and are less susceptible to all of the causes of mortality (ex. cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, pulmonary diseases, immune dysfunction).

Complete an assessment to learn where your function lies amongst data based norms of cardiovascular fitness, balance, mobility, agility and strength. Then set your goals to be a top performer based on your age group.

Exercise, specifically strength training, is a tool that provides the body with the stimulus to reverse and modify muscle weakness and functional loss as we age. The education of a Physical Therapist ensures that your medical history is incorporated into the program to keep you safe.


In additional to our physical treatment plan, we will screen you on other biopsychosocial component of healthy living such as nutrition, mental health and sleep and as required, refer you to the appropriate registered practitioners.

It’s never too late or too early to begin!

Contact Aaron Dobie for more details including remote (telehealth) options.

Book an in-person appointment with Aaron Dobie at Accel Health in downtown Vancouver

                       First time? Book an initial assessment.

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