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The skills of a Physiotherapist are essential to correctly assess and diagnose your musculoskeletal or neurological impairment. The treatment will help decrease your pain and improve your function.


An initial assessment includes understanding your personal and physical history and the limitations of your injury. Range of motion and strength are measured and special tests are performed to rule in or rule out a possible trigger. Treatments include manual therapy, such as joint mobilizations or soft tissue techniques, as well as exercise therapy in the session and at home. Various options such as athletic taping and acupuncture or dry needling are often used throughout the healing process.

Physiotherapy is an active treatment where the therapist often gives client the tools to heal. It is then up to the client to use them to their best potential.

Initial Assessment (60min): $175

Follow-up appointment (30min): $105

Follow-up appointment (60min): $175

      *Rates as of 02/01/2024. Covered by extended health care plans. Direct billing available.

Book an Appointment with Aaron Dobie at Accel Health in downtown Vancouver.

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